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If you are looking for the lowest tile flooring installation cost, you have several options in Charlotte, NC but trust the number one choice by local households. Through our tile flooring installation, you can save a lot of money with our tile flooring installation cost specialist near you to get the job done quickly and at the best price. We are your local tile installer that handles stone tile flooring, kitchen tile flooring, and more.

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Some homeowners believe they can save money by installing the tiles themselves. That is a shame because even after buying the tile, grout, and adhesive you will still end up with an installation that is much more expensive than purchasing them already installed. Some tile companies even tack on extra charges for things like cement board backing, trim pieces, and even the labor of laying the flooring itself. A good way to cut costs is to shop around for a professional tile installer who can do the job for far less money.

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Many might still be hesitant to hire professionals because they are afraid of the costs. But worry no more because we will give you reasons as to why choosing tile installer genius is the best, cost and time-wise. Here are the pros and cons of tile flooring installers that you might consider.

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Some homeowners don't consider the tile flooring installation cost to be a big deal. Tile flooring installation costs about $10 per square feet, with many homeowners spending more on the extras such as trim and special tiles. Our tile flooring installation specialists offer floor tile packages that come with everything you need to complete your project including the tile, adhesive, grout, adhesive backing, and filler.

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A major downside to installing tile yourself is that it's not always easy. Tile experts will have the experience and expertise to not only install tile but will also have the skill necessary to install ceramic and porcelain tile, as well as laminate and granite. Instead of saving tile flooring price, you will end up spending much more. It is important to find a tile flooring installer who can handle all three types. You can read more about this in our blog post.

Our tile contractors in Charlotte, NC have helped many homeowners and made many happy homes for their tile flooring installation. One should be extra careful when choosing a tile flooring installer. Don't just choose any company that offers "low rates", remember quality comes with a price and if a cheaper price is quoted then be wary, as there may be hidden costs. Ask the company how much of a discount they'll give you on labor if you install the subflooring first. Tile is so delicate that an inferior product can cause problems that will linger for months. Check out our website for customer testimonials, and check out recommendations from others in the local area to see for yourself the reputation we have built all these years.

Charlotte Flooring Installation Genius

Charlotte Flooring Installation Genius

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